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~ Old-Time Fiddle Tunes, Blazing Instrumentals, Holler Songs, Jug Band Numbers, Rootsy Gospel ~

Volume III (2019)

Coming Down the Line”, “Black Bottom Strut”, That’ll be a Better Day”, “Give the Fiddler a Dram”,
“Don’t You Hear Jerusalem Moan”, “Ployboy Hop”, “Jealous Hearted Me”, “West Baden Waltz”, 
“Rolling Done”, “Carroll County Blues”, “Hell Amongst the Yearlings”, “Old Jawbone”, “Fan It”,
“I Get My Whiskey From Rockingham”, “Tennessee Wagoneer, “Bow Wow Blues”

Recorded by Matt Downer - Slowtime Field Recordings


Hillbilly Music (2017)

"Jackson Stomp", "Train on the Island", "Dance All Night", "Lost Child", "Ragtime Annie", 
"Ground Hog", "Strange Things", "Alabama Jubilee", "Indian War Whoop", "Policeman", 
"Red Hot Breakdown", "My Dixie Darling", "Rock About My Saro Jane", 
"Who Walks in When I Walk Out", "Buck Creek Gals", "Fire on the Mountain", 
"He Will Set Your Fields on Fire", "Sally Anne"

 Recorded by Matt Downer - Slowtime Field Recordings 
Photography by Izii Friedman - Artzii Photography