Our Mission:

To relieve stress and cause a general feeling of well-being in people

while preserving the awesomeness of old-time music.

We're keeping alive the tradition of friends and neighbors making music

with mama darn, daddy darn, and the whole darn family.

In Haint Hollow, there's always music in the parlor and a cobbler in the oven...

Hootenanny Defined - "An informal gathering with folk music and dancing"

Uncle Dave Macon (1930's)

Uncle Shuffelo

Gid Tanner (1920's)

Austin Derryberry

The Coon Creek Girls (1930's)

The Hootenanny Gals

Old-Time Band (1920's)

Haint Hollow Hootenanny

The Dixieliners (1938)

Sam McGee, Arthur Smith, & Kirk McGee

The Derryberrys

Conner, Austin, & Brian